Online training workshop: beach sprints -brainstorming workshop for umpires

Beach Sprint Workshop: Join rowing stakeholders- coaches, athletes, umpires. Discuss technicalities. Umpires from regional to international levels & coastal rowing experts.

The workshop takes place in two parts: March 3, 2024, 16h30- 19h30 CET (3 hours) and March 4, 2024, 16h30- (3 hours) online.

Invited speaker, recognized coach: Moncho Ferrer, trainer of the national Spanish Rowing team


Objective (according to the RoBeats project application, p. 25): [This activity] corresponds to a workshop where rowing stakeholders (mainly coaches, athletes, umpires) will meet together and discuss Beach Sprint technical issues. 

The target group is thus umpires, at regional, national or international level, and also stakeholders familiar with the technicalities of coastal rowing (e.g. coaches) from RoBeats partner countries (Greece, Italy, Romania, Germany) or other EU countries

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