Online Brainstorming Workshop for umpires

On March 2nd, 2024 an exciting online event took place where umpires and coaches of rowing, gathered for the “Ro-Beats Brainstorming Workshop for Umpires and Coaches.” This virtual meeting provided a platform for those deeply engaged in the aspects of Beach Sprint rowing to collaborate and discuss important elements of the sport.

The event was organized by Nautical Club of Limnos, as part of the Ro-Beats Erasmus Plus project, Ro-Beats. This workshop explored more than Beach Sprint, it also reflected the project’s wider dedication to promoting equality across ages encouraging physical activity and raising awareness about environmental issues.

The main speaker of the online workshop was Mr. Moncho Ferrer, who brought valuable experience as the former Coach of Spain’s national coastal rowing team, during 2018-2022 and his current position as the trainer in New Zealand, for 2023 contributing extensively to the conversations.

You can watch the workshop below or in our YouTube channel