RO-BEATS will organize two workshops aiming at the development of Beach Sprint. The one emphasizes the technical aspects of Beach Sprint, while the other focuses on the promotion of age-equality and green tourism through Beach Sprint.

Beach Cleaning marathon

Partners in coastal areas will organize a series of beach cleaning events aiming to engage visitors and local residents.

Water Art event

Sports is the art of action! Local artists will be inspired by Beach Sprint activities in local communities to create artifacts based on this sport

Instagram competition

An online competition with photos taken by spectators of Beach Sprint events and other RO-BEATS activities. Instagram users will vote for their favorite pictures.

Intergenerational Event

A series of talks and discussions will take place, organized in schools, local communities associations, and public places, informing the general public on Beach Sprint.

Intergenerational Regatta

Two regattas with coastal rowing boats are to take place. The one is a competitive regatta, while the other a non-competitive one.